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We are running for the Newtonville Area Council, an elected body advocating for the Newtonvile community. We are committed to assuring that the Mayor and City Council hear your concerns about



•   Reasonable development that protects affordable housing, environmental sustainability and village character

•   A new zoning code that reflects the concerns of residents rather than developers

•   A traffic plan that improves the flow of cars and protects the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians

•   A new senior and community center that encourages participation by its location, scope and the services it provides.


As both newcomers and longtime Newtonville residents, we are committed to ensuring that Newtonville remains a welcoming and diverse community.

Please vote for our Slate of Eight

Ask for the Newtonville Area Council ballot at the polls on

November 5th.

  • Administrator

Candidate Statement: Susan Reisler

I have been a member of the council since 2015 and ask for your vote for a third term.

It’s clear that out-of-scale developments threaten our village with excessive density,

traffic and parking problems, and higher rents and taxes. To find out what residents really want for Newtonville, the NAC held a charrette, designed the Envisioning Washington Street survey, reached out to nearly 11,000 households, wrote a detailed report and held a public meeting about the survey results, and presented our findings to the City Council. I’m proud to say that I was a key participant in this two-year effort.

Going forward, I anticipate that residents want to shape the Washington Street vision plan, the proposed new zoning ordinance (which will greatly densify Newton), the issues around the Senior Center, and the likelihood of an override. I hope you will let me be your voice for another term.

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