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We are running for the Newtonville Area Council, an elected body advocating for the Newtonvile community. We are committed to assuring that the Mayor and City Council hear your concerns about



•   Reasonable development that protects affordable housing, environmental sustainability and village character

•   A new zoning code that reflects the concerns of residents rather than developers

•   A traffic plan that improves the flow of cars and protects the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians

•   A new senior and community center that encourages participation by its location, scope and the services it provides.


As both newcomers and longtime Newtonville residents, we are committed to ensuring that Newtonville remains a welcoming and diverse community.

Please vote for our Slate of Eight

Ask for the Newtonville Area Council ballot at the polls on

November 5th.

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Candidate Statement: Martina Jackson

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Having lived in Newtonville most of my adult life, I have been involved in Democratic politics including chairing both the Ward 2 Democratic and Newton City Committees. I managed successful campaigns for our State Senator, State Representatives, several City Councilors, and Mayor Tom Concannon. I’ve also chaired the Newton Board of License Commissioners. As a reporter for a Newton weekly, I covered the school committee, City Council and State House.

While I support commercial and residential upgrades to Washington Street, I favor development reflecting the community’s historic architecture, multi-family housing, accessibility and diversity. I am running to ensure that the Mayor, City Council and developers heed concerns of many Newtonville residents like me who moved here because it is more convenient and affordable than other areas of Newton. A current NAC member, if elected, I will continue work to promote greater citizen participation in determining the direction of development.

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