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We are running for the Newtonville Area Council, an elected body advocating for the Newtonvile community. We are committed to assuring that the Mayor and City Council hear your concerns about



•   Reasonable development that protects affordable housing, environmental sustainability and village character

•   A new zoning code that reflects the concerns of residents rather than developers

•   A traffic plan that improves the flow of cars and protects the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians

•   A new senior and community center that encourages participation by its location, scope and the services it provides.


As both newcomers and longtime Newtonville residents, we are committed to ensuring that Newtonville remains a welcoming and diverse community.

Please vote for our Slate of Eight

Ask for the Newtonville Area Council ballot at the polls on

November 5th.

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Candidate Statement: Kartikey Trivedi

I’ve lived in Newtonville with my wife and two kids (16 and 13) for 15 years. As an immigrant, the Newtonville Community’s welcoming village characteristics and progressive mindset have made us feel at home away from home. I’m an engineer from Mumbai University and presently work as Deputy COO at MassHealth. Newton faces some fundamental challenges, such as cultural change, antiquated infrastructure, asymmetric population density (Northside vs Southside), and affordable housing for the middle class. While there is no silver bullet to solve all of the challenges at once, we as a community need to work with each other as well as City Administration to address these challenges. If elected, I will work with my other NAC colleagues to voice the concerns of the Newtonville community at City Hall on the following: 1.  Urbanization - preserving village characteristics with reasonable development 2.  Antiquated infrastructure - NewCAL center for active seniors; traffic and transportation.

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